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About Me

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Dr. Nathan D. Lang-Raad is an educator, speaker, and author. He is the founder and CEO of Raad Education, where he continues to lead innovations in educational practice and theory.

Nathan's rich career history spans roles as a teacher, elementary and high school administrator, and university adjunct professor. Notably, he has served as the Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and as an education supervisor at NASA's Johnson Space Center. His previous roles include Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and Vice President, National Product Line at Savvas Learning.

A committed advocate for global sustainability, Nathan serves as the US State Ambassador for the Climate Action Project, a collaborative initiative supported by the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund, NASA, and the Jane Goodall Institute. He is also an advisor for TAG (Take Action Global).

Nathan is the author of:
Everyday Instructional Coaching
The New Art and Science of Teaching Mathematics, co-authored with Dr. Robert Marzano

WeVideo Every Day
Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work
The Teachers of Oz, co-authored with Herbie Raad
The Boundless Classroom, co-authored with Dr. James Witty
Instructional Coaching Connection
Never Stop Asking

Nathan earned his Bachelor of Arts in General Science-Chemistry from Harding University, a Master of Education in Administration and Supervision from the University of Houston-Victoria, and a Doctorate of Education in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change from David Lipscomb University.

He resides with his husband, Herbie Raad, in beautiful Maine.

To learn more about Nathan's work or follow him on Twitter @drlangraad.

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